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The Family Summer Bowling Pass is Back

The Whole Family Can Bowl From June 1st to August 31st for a 1 Time Fee.  You pay only 1 time based on the number of family 
members.  Once you buy the family pass, you can bowl everyday from June 1st to August 31 at no charge(excluding Saturdays).  Once you buy the pass, you can bowl for free for the rest of the summer.


Based on the pass that you purchase, all members must be registered on the pass.


  • Picture ID must be presented in person each time you bowl. (license, passport, school ID, etc…) No exceptions.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

  • Lanes are based on availability only. No reservations.

  • Passes are only registered members are eligible to use the pass, NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Members are considered “permanent” to the pass.  Passes are not transferable. Violations will cause the pass to be revoked. No exceptions.

  • Nonmembers that want to bowl with members must pay current regular prices.

  • The pass can only be used 1 time per day only.

  • The 2 hour free time must be used in one visit & cannot be saved for later that day.

  • NO outside food or beverages of any kind allowed. Strictly enforced.       

  • Bowling shoes MUST be worn during play.

  • Passes are only for open play and cannot be used for camp outings, birthday parties or any other groups.

  • 2 lanes can be requested, but you MUST have a MINIMUM of 5 bowlers & the time will be limited to 1 hour per lane.

  • Any type of damage to bowling equipment or machines is prohibited.  Any intentional damage (i.e. throwing balls when gate is down, throwing 2 balls at the same time, etc. will cause the pass to be revoked).


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